The Handmaid's Tale. 1984. Fahrenheit 451. Behind all these nightmarish works of fiction is an insatiable lust to control people: what they the do, how they act, and how they think. Over our lifetimes, we continue to see factional politicians stage theatrical displays of partisan deadlock, only to agree on things behind closed doors that deprive us of our wages, our freedoms, and sometimes even our very lives. This has been "politics as usual" for generations- and this has to stop.

As your next representative in congress, I am not calling for a return to "normal" where government is free to legislate your personal freedom away. I am calling for a new American Dream: one where the institutions of government aren't play things of would be despots, and where all individuals are free to be their authentic selves.  

If that sounds like the American Dream we need today, I am looking forward to your support on November 8 (check back here for election information as the date gets closer).


Click below to find out where I stand on various issues (these will be updated as needed to reflect the issues as they happen). 



Peace cannot be achieved through a foreign policy of aggression and "acceptable" civilian casualties. Every innocent person killed in "strategic bombing" leads to more people turning against the United States.

The War on Terrorism is approaching nearly 20 years of operation, and in that time trillions of dollars have been spent and thousands of innocent civilians have died- and the world is no safer than when it was started.

I am against the use of nuclear weapons, I oppose broad sanctions without due process, I will not support the establishment of "No Fly Zones" (often little more than a pretext for war), and oppose the use of conscription in any form. 

Congress has delegated its responsibility to vote on and declare wars to the President of the United States in the name of "getting things done", when in reality it allows legislators to wash their hands of the consequences of warfare. As a veteran I am demanding that Congress take back their responsibility and duty to oversee acts of war done in the name of the United States, not sit back and let one person make all the decisions.



The Federal government has consistently aggravated supply problems by imposing destructive barriers on free trade. 

We face major Commercial Driver shortages in our mass transit and trucking industries due to pointless federal restrictions on personal recreational consumption of substances while off duty. Lifting these restrictions will open the door and allow more people into this critically short staffed profession.

Continuation of tariffs has been equally destructive- hurting the American consumer through the higher cost of importing goods, in a vain effort to prop up industries that no longer exist here. Tariffs are sanctions on your own people and must be abolished appropriately. Shortages of countless goods can be traced back to the United States punishing purchase of foreign made goods. In an age where economics and trade involve the entire globe, this practice no longer works. 

The Jones Act harms our gas prices as well as oversees states and territories by overwhelmingly raising the cost of doing business within the borders of United States. It is time to stop treating our own people as second class citizens and repeal this harmful barrier to free trade.



Multi-Trillion dollar deficits have caused the national debt to spiral out of control, placing us at the mercy of lenders and debt purchasers who could use that leverage to make greater demands that threaten our sovereignty and ultimately our

national security. 

We can cut down on our defense spending by as much as 50% and STILL maintain the largest military in the world capable of defending the US from attack. Any surplus from reduced spending should be used towards the national debt, reducing the interest payments on it and ultimately bringing down the true principle of said debt.



The Cost of Living has skyrocketed, and people all over District 6 and the nation are feeling the pinch. 

Every dollar Congress spends from borrowing is a dollar borrowed against everyday people just trying to make ends meet. This weakens our dollar through inflation, which in turn means higher grocery bills and the devaluation of money we try to
save for emergencies.

The dollar is backed by "full faith and trust" in the United States' ability to pay its debts, and Congress must do everything in its power to protect that trust by controlling our spending and not borrowing against future generations. 

Pending defaults must be prevented at all costs- a dollar worth nothing means money that can't pay for groceries or rent.

We must allow individuals to embrace and accept alternative currencies, including cryptocurrency.  



The War on Drugs has been ongoing for decades and much like the War on Terror has completely failed in its objectives. Thanks to this senseless domestic policy, the United States has incarcerated more people than the Soviet Union ever threw into the Gulags, the black market demand for drugs remains at an all time high, and a symbiosis of government and prison contracting has given rise to the school-to-prison pipeline and the prison industrial complex.

The fentanyl crisis is largely due to the fact people are overdosing on drugs because they don't know they've been laced with fentanyl (a powerful synthetic opioid often cut into other drugs as a cost saving measure for underground market trade). Decriminalization is not about glamorizing drug use, it's about enhancing consumer safety by bringing all substances into the same category as alcohol- a substance we acknowledge has harmful effects, but by allowing people to openly and safely purchase it we deprive criminal enterprises of a lucrative market, hitting them right in the wallet. 

We must decriminalize the possession and use of all substances, abolishing the US Controlled Substances Act. Any and all persons incarcerated for drug use should be immediately released and have their criminal record expunged.



Your personal medical decisions (including abortion, gender reassignment, and more) are none of the government's business. 

I oppose attempts to ban personal medical procedures. Any attempts to collect data on these procedures must have strict safeguards to prevent them from becoming "hit lists" for dystopian-friendly politicians.    

Government spends millions on warrantless bulk surveillance of the American people, invading our privacy all while failing to protect us from active threats. This form of mass spying needs to stop.

Consenting adults should be free to love one another, and leaving that up to the whims of the Supreme Court puts the rights of countless people at risk. As a member of the LGBTQ community, I am willing to codify marriage equality into law- your right to marry anyone you choose shouldn't depend on what state you live in.

We live in a dangerous world, and counting on the government defend us from harm has led to countless deaths in a system that has ruled time and again government has no positive duty to keep you safe. We cannot deprive people of the ability to defend themselves from harm while allowing our government to arm itself to the teeth- this is a recipe for an even worse event than January 6.