For years we've had to endure "Politics as Usual", a mentality prevalent in American politics that things always have and always will be done a certain a way- a way that benefits a small number of special interests and even the government itself at the expense of everyone else wrapped up in the illusion of choice in the form of two dominant political parties that seek power and wealth at the expense of our freedom and even our very lives. This must end.






The War on Terrorism is approaching nearly 20 years of operation, and in that time trillions of dollars have been spent and thousands of innocent people have died- and the world is no safer than when it started. Peace cannot be achieved through perpetual war, every civilian causality creates new enemies of the United States.

Conscription in any form is militarized slavery and must be abolished.

The United States should withdraw all military forces from Iraq, Africa and from all nations that no longer wish to host US troops. We must end the militarization of our law enforcement by terminating the 1033 program.

We must remove slavery as a punishment from the Constitution, bringing an end to underpaid/unpaid prison labor and exploitation through the Prison-Industrial Complex.

The War on Drugs has been ongoing for decades and much like the War on Terror has completely failed in its objectives. Thanks to this senseless domestic policy, the black market demand for drugs remains at an all time high, and a symbiosis of government and prison contracting has given rise to the school-to-prison pipeline and the prison industrial complex.

We must decriminalize the possession and use of cannabis and all other substances, ultimately abolishing the US Controlled Substances Act. Any and all persons incarcerated for drug use should be released and have their criminal record expunged.

The United States over relies on prison camps to indefinitely detain people for months or years without trial or due process. We must uphold the right to flee from violence and must abolish Title 42 deportations and terminate the 287g program that takes resources away from local government.

The US national debt remains one of the greatest threats to our national and economic security. Congress has been dumping over a trillion dollars every year onto it, hurting the dollar and depriving everyday people of their purchasing power and devaluing their savings. Hundreds of billions of dollars every year go to just making payments on the debt's interest, more than what gets spent on even some federal departments. For a stable future, the deficit must be reduced and the US must lower its debt.

To overcome the damage that the pandemic has done, government must resist the temptation to impose greater taxes in order to "make up for lost revenue".

Inflation must be seen as the burden it is: one that hurts the working class and the poor by robbing them of their wages and savings- Congress must do everything in its power to maintain a strong dollar with fiscal discipline- reducing how much the government borrows and ultimately how much the government spends.